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Plymouth's Derriford Hospital

Works in tandem with local NHS leaders to deliver real change at the South-West's largest emergency care facility

Johnny’s closest working relationship in Plymouth is with Derriford Hospital as he strives tirelessly to improve the experiences of both staff and patients across the facility. He has regular meetings with the Chief Executive Team, and has completed shifts across different hospital departments to try and understand the challenges faced.

Secured £25m upgrade to Emerqency Care

Johnny worked closely with the leadership team at the hospital to secure a complete redesign of the Emergency Care facilities at Derriford Hospital. This work is currently ongoing, and will see state of the art facilities installed right here in Plymouth.

Committed to a complete rebuild of Derriford Hospital by 2027

Johnny managed to convince the UK Government to include Derriford hospital in the initial batch of 40 new hospital builds across the UK by 2027. This means the entire site will be redesigned and built to give Derriford patients and staff the infrastructure upgrades they badly need and deserve. This is Johnny’s No.1 promise to Plymouth – a new hospital, and he is totally committed to it being a reality for the people of Plymouth by 2027.

Our children's life chances

A relentless effort to improve the life chances of every child who grows up in Plymouth today.

Johnny is incredibly proud of our teaching community in Plymouth, and regularly meets with groups across the city to hear their experiences. He is also absolutely determined that children growing up in Plymouth have just as good opportunities as other children across the country, and has worked hard to help schools transition to academies and drive up standards across the city.

Ensure teachers and staff are fully resourced to deliver excellence

In his first term, Johnny helped secure a correction to the National School funding formula in Plymouth that saw an increase in school funding for every child in Plymouth.

He has personally supported successful applications to capital funds that have seen new schools buildings across the city, and recently secured additional extra funding from central Government to improve standards in schools across the city.

Weekly school engagements both taking schools to Westminster, and visiting a school in Plymouth every Friday

Military families and Veterans

Make Plymouth the best place in the UK to be a Veteran

Johnny has huge ambitions for the UK’s Veteran population – it being his driving reason for entering politics. But he is equally clear that this starts at home right here in Plymouth, and he works tirelessly – often behind the scenes – to bring together the wide variety of groups across our city who work in Veterans care, to give a seamless, professional service to Veterans who need help.

Deliver continued growth in Military investment in our City - since I was elected in 2015, numbers and investment has only increased.

Maintaining military numbers and investment in Plymouth is one of Johnny’s totemic challenges. We are a proud military city that has seen a decline in numbers over recent decades. However since Johnny became the Member of Parliament for Plymouth Moor

View, Military numbers and investment into our City has only increased, including his campaign to port-base all of the next generation Type 26 frigates right here in Plymouth, securing the Dockyard for another generation of Plymothians.

Drive national care improvement for our Veterans and their families, starting in Plymouth

Johnny is perhaps best well-known for his uncompromising stand on. Improving how the UK looks after her Armed Forces Veterans. He established the UK’s first Office for Veterans Affairs under Prime Minister Boris Johnson and continues his ‘struggle’ to make this Nation realise her duty towards those who have served.

Plymouth's Transport links

Secured initial funding of redesign and build of Plymouth Train station, due 2027

Johnny secured the initial funding of Plymouth’s new station way back in 2016, and this project is set to mature in 2027. He is clear that our transport links must be improved as we grow our city into the 2020s, and campaigns hard to make sure that our roads, railways and port are continually invested in and improved.

Ensured delivery of new High Speed dual-modal Hitachi 800 Trains to serve Plymouth - London

These trains have revolutionised them way we travel to and from Plymouth in recent years. Together with the improvements to the sea wall at Dawlish, we have had a far greater reliability in recent years than we ever have done before, and Johnny works closely with First Great Western on a regular basis to ensure these improvements continues.

Secured multi-million funding settlements for main road upgrades throughout Plymouth

You will have seen a lot of work going on around Plymouth on our main roads. Whilst this is disrupting at times, it is all working towards a completely upgraded structure of our main roads that will alleviate the well-known congestion and poor travel times across our city. From work at Cornwall roundabout, on the A386 north bout of the city and the new Forder Valley link road, investment is finally coming into our city’s infrastructure, and we will all feel the benefits of it.

Plymouth's economy and local jobs

Regular engagement sessions with local Chambers of Commerce

Johnny works hard to support local businesses who have become the backbone of Plymouth’s economy after the reduction in workforce at the dockyard in the early 2000’s.

He hold’s regular Q and A sessions over a beer in one of the local hotels – get in touch to found out when the next one is and come along.

Specific interventions have delivered and retained thousands of jobs in Plymouth

Johnny has often specifically intervened to bring jobs to, or retain jobs in – Plymouth.

Whether it was the re-opening of the iconic Ship building in Derriford, or ensuring the jobs were retained during the takeover of Barden’s Engineering, Johnny fights for every job, and before the Covid pandemic of 2020, helped ensure the lowest levels of unemployment ever recorded in our city.

Facilitated multi-million pound grants to businesses across the City during the Covid pandemic

Covid has presented huge challenges to our economy in Plymouth. Throughout this time, Johnny has worked hard to wring every last penny of Government support down to Plymouth, and with Plymouth City Council overseen millions of pounds of grants to local businesses and enterprises. As we recover going forward, Johnny is determined to return to record low levels of unemployment and will redouble his efforts to ensure businesses have all the conditions they require for growth and success here in Plymouth.

Sustainable, Legal Immigration

Stopping the Boats

Plymothians rightly demand strong borders to ensure that our nation is secure. Johnny has consistently voted for stronger immigration laws – delivering a 36% decrease in small boat crossings. Bilateral agreements – such as the UK-Albania partnership – have gone even further, slashing Albanian crossings by 90%. Johnny continues to argue for the need to create a strong deterrent to disrupt the business model of the evil people-smuggling gangs.

Cutting Net Migration

Johnny fully supports action taken by the Government to cut the headline migration figure. The package of reforms which increases salary requirements and removes incentives will mean that 300,000 of those who came last year would not be eligible. This will return the UK to more sustainable levels of net migration.

Rescuing Comrades in Afghanistan

The UK has a proud history of welcoming refugees through safe and legal routes. The Prime Minister charged Johnny with delivering the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP). ARAP overseas relocations from Afghanistan. Having served alongside many of the men and women we are rescuing in Afghanistan, it is deeply personal to Johnny. Under Johnny’s direction, some 13,000 eligible persons and their families have relocated, and he is determined to get out those that remain.

Integrity. Authenticity. Leadership.

Johnny Mercer

About Johnny

Former Commando Captain turned politician

Fed up with other politicians, having never even voted before and written off with no hope of winning his home city as a conservative, Johnny won his seat first in 2015; again in 2017 and in 2019 he won with biggest majority of any Member of Parliament in the history of his seat.

Fought in the Afghanistan War

Refused to accept how poorly the UK looks after her Veterans

Established Government's first ever Office for Veterans Affairs

Now establishing Plymouth as the best place in the UK to live, work and raise a family

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