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Armada Way Costs Skyrocket £22.8m

January 24, 20240


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Armada Way Costs Skyrocket £22.8m


On Tuesday, 23rd January, the BBC reported that the Armada Way plans have ballooned from the initial £14m earmarked for the project to £36.8m, almost tripling in cost. Plymouth’s political leaders have raised serious concerns about the affordability of the scheme. 


This comes after news last November that Plymouth City Council’s Old Town Street and New George Street projects have doubled cost to £16m. 


Johnny Mercer, MP for Plymouth Moor View, stated: 

“Businesses on Armada Way have waited since March for the Council to get their plans underway. Having now completed their consultation, I am greatly alarmed by the reported £22.8m that will be added to the project. Meanwhile, we have empty shop fronts on Armada Way that are not paying business rates. 


“Serious questions about value for money need to be levelled at Tudor Evans’s Council which claims it has no money. Getting the costs of these schemes under control is the single biggest thing that the Labour group can do to improve the funding of local services in Plymouth.” 


Leader of the Conservatives on Plymouth City Council, Andy Lugger, shared concerns too: 

“Whilst I am happy to back a massive public realm project for the wider good of Plymouth, I did express concerns in scrutiny over the crippling costs. At one stage (before the public consultation) we were advised that there would be no additional costs – as the workers that were stood down when the previous project was stalled had been redeployed elsewhere in the city projects. 


“We are now told that it will cost a maximum of £36.8 million. When I asked questions at scrutiny, nobody could tell me whether this would be the final figure. I, therefore, made a recommendation that ‘best endeavours’ are given to keep the spend within the set limit.” 

Luke Jones

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